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PEG Mission Statement
PEG's mission is to enhance our members' collaborative and technical capabilities by providing autonomous communications, independent Progress oriented technical support, training, mentoring, collaboration and e-learning opportunities to the global Progress Software community.

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  • Job postings may only be sent to the jobs list, jobs@peg.com. Sending a job posting anywhere else will get non-members and their organization automatically banned.

  • Looking for work? Don't tell us. Posting solicitations for work anywhere but the contractors list is a sure way for non-members to get banned.

  • Only members may be really offensive. All others are guests, and should keep that in mind when posting.

  • Advertising is not permitted without specific permission Yes, some SPAM slips through our filters, but that doesn't mean you can do it. Permission to send advertising messages is only granted to those folks who 1) have something valuable to offer our members and 2) give PEG MEMBERS a substantial discount. Otherwise, as they say in joisee, fagedaboudet.

      Advertising Rates

    • All PEG Readers $0.80/address
        Message is sent to All PEG Readers and appears on our announcements list Special Rates available for frequent posters See our advertising rates page for additional information.
    • Specific Forums Only $1.80/address + $200. setup fee
        The messages are sent to the forum subscribers, but do not appear in the forum.
    • Message in Forum $3.00/address + $1000. setup fee

  • Don't assume these mailing lists operate under the same restrictions as other Internet mailing lists. Any on topic question is allowed at any time. In particular, keep in mind that PEG is a user group and its primary function is user support / assistance / aid / comfort.

    • If you don't like a question, ignore it.
    • If you think it's stupid, don't answer.
    • If you can't be helpful, be quiet.

    One sure way to really tick me off is to post a message either privately or publicly attempting to intimidate, embarass or offend one of our readers / posters.

  • If you want your company listed on our website, make sure the request comes from a PEG member within your company. Otherwise, your request will be denied. But progress developers should check the Progress Developers Webring link on our home page.

  • Don't write to the lists complaining about out-of-office replies. Out-of-office replies don't come from us. We never see them. If the out-of-office reply is from someone who will be out more than 5 business days, go to the subscriptions page and unsubscribe them.

  • About 99.99998% of all SPAM gets stopped. Some gets through, sorry. If it gets really bad from the same site, let me know.

The PROGRESS E-Mail Group is a privately owned and operated user forum.

Everyone who uses PEG whether via e-mail or via the net is expected to become a member if they can afford it. If you live or work in the USA, Canada, Western Europe, Australia or New Zealand and you are not unemployed, we assume you can afford it.

PEG reserves to itself all distribution rights to the PEG collection of mailing lists in any form. Messages or posts submitted to PEG become the property of PEG. Corporate members may distribute the PEG collection to their employees while their membership is active, but may not make the collection public.

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