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There are 56 some ( I can't keep track of them all), mostly Progress Software related, PEG maintained forums / mailing lists. The table above provides quick links to most of them.

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PEG Technical Forums
OpenEdge / Progress / General

This is the primary discussion group for PSC / OpenEdge / Progress 4GL / PEG topics. Traffic is medium to heavy - over 1200 messages/month. If your topic fits into one of the other forums, you should post your message there instead.


SOA Management Software


Event Stream Processing Software


This list is for ActiveX, OCX, VBX, DDE, and OLE and all the other stuff which requires interfacing an API from PROGRESS. Yes, we really are interested in how you interfaced PROGRESS and DOOM to make counting inventory much more interesting.

Note that .Net and J2EE have their own forums.

Architecture, Refactoring and Transformation (ART)

The structure of modern applications, how to rework and revise older applications

DataDirect Drivers

DataDirect JDBC, ODBC and ADO.NET Data Providers

DataDirect Xquery

DataDirect XQuery and XQJ XQuery API for XML and Relational Databases


PROGRESS Dataservers Oracle, ODBC, etc.


DataXtend Caching Engine

DataXtend Replication Engine



This is meant to cover performance tuning and measurement and similar issues of interest to the database administrator.

All of the OS specific forums were long ago merged into the dba forum. The dba forum is responsible for all Data Base Administration and OS specific issues.

If it's talked about in the System Administration Guide or Reference, it belongs here.


OpenEdge and .Net


DWP discussions

The Dynamic WebClient(R) Architecture is based on the union of a single Business Logic object on the server and a single User Interface object on the client.


This is for discussions related to PSC's Dynamics product


EasyAsk Search Engine

Internationalization (I18N)

Internationalization issues discussion forum.

Great I18n Learning Site

XenCraft Internationalization engineering


OpenEdge and J2EE

OpenEdge Management

OpenEdge Management (formerly Fathom)

For discussion regarding Fathom and application management solutions for the Progress environment.

Product info is located at A free 30-day evaluation is available for download at this URL as well. Product information available includes: data sheet, technical white paper (on VSTs and Database Rules), and analyst product announcement (under news, views...)

OpenEdge Replication

OpenEdge Replication (formerly Fathom Replication)


Roundtable Total Software Management System

PSC Roundtable Page

Tugboat Software's Roundtable TSMS Home Page


Data, Application and Web Services security related issues



DataDirect Shadow RTE - Mainframe integration


This is for discussions related to the SonicMQ messaging middleware, Sonic ESB, and other Sonic Software products.

Sonic Software Home Page


Discussions devoted to the SQL Server and the SQL functionality of the V9+ Database, including ODBC/JDBC and the use of these new interfaces from custom applications and various office automation tools (i.e. MS Excel).

Stylus Studio

StylusStudio - World's Greatest XML Thingamabob


WEBSpeed Internet Transaction Processing development system

PSC Webspeed Home Page

Cookie Links


XML discussions


Longish, detailed, experts only V7+ technical discussions.

If you want to develop a publicly available PROGRESS oriented toolkit in conjunction with a few hundred of your friends, this is the place to do it.

PEG Topical Forums

The PEG topical Forums are devoted to discussions on a single (possibly quite broad) topic. It is considered rude to interrupt topical discussions with off topic messages. On the other hand, if your message fits into the topic, you'll likely get a faster and more accurate response posting to the appropriate topical forum.


This forum is devoted to discussions of the Actuate Report Writing system.

Actuate is no longer supported by PSC, but we at PEG are here for you.

Actuate Home Page


CorVu Business Intelligence Software discussion group.

Progress Software CorVu Home Page

CorVu Home Page


Epicor Applications ( Vista / Vantage )

Foresight ESP

Foresight Software, Inc. MXP discussion group.

Foresight Software Home Page




SyteLine Accounting, Distribution and Manufacturing Application discussion group.

Symix Home Page

Symix User Group Home Page

TakeStock Application Software discussion group.

TakeStock Home Page

NxTrend Technology Trend Application Software discussion group.

NxTrend Technology Home Page


For discussions on MFG/PRO, an ERP/Supply chain platform for managing global manufacturing operations.

For further information on MFG/PRO Global Enterprise Edition, please visit

This is VERY ACTIVE discussion group.

QAD Home Page

The Lean Manufacturing Resource Guide

QAD User Groups


Tools4Progress Discussion Group

Tool4Progress Home Page

IAP GmbH Home Page

Dr. Amy Beam's Progress Training Newsletter

A brief monthly newsletter with training tips for both new and experienced Progress developers. Read topics at a glance and link to more detailed information and code examples.

Dr. Amy Beam's PSDN Radio Interview at Exchange 2006

Dr. Amy Beam has been specializing in Progress application development and training since 1983."

PEG Community Forums

These forums cover subjects which are "OFF TOPIC" when viewed on any of our other forums, or which are special in some way. They are here to allow our readers a means to communicate with like minded brethern without activating the net berserkers.

From time to time, PEG sponsors local PUG forums; these forums are also considered community forums.

Community Discussions

PEG Community Discussions almost always non-technical


Sometimes you've heard/seen/thought of the funniest thing and you just want to share it with a few hundred of your closest friends, but the net police are ready to pounce on anyone who even seems to stray even a teeny bit off topic. If you are a PEG reader of some ilk, you can post it here.

Note that some of the posters don't seem to understand the difference between raunchy and funny. If you're offended easily, don't subscribe. In fact, if you get offended at all, stay away. You've been warned.

Note also that some of these posters have way too much free time.


Sometimes you just have to let loose, but you really don't want to break up the latest discussion on optimizing persistent procedure calls. This list is also known as

Kazakhstan Progress User Group

This forum is for the Kazakhstan Progress User Group. The forum discussions may be in several languages including Kazakh, Russian and English depending upon the needs of the author.

Progress User Group Romania

This forum is for the Progress User Group Romania. The forum discussions may be in several languages depending upon the needs of the author.

PEG Policy Forum

PEG policy discussion forum.

PEG Recovery Team

The PEG Recovery team assists the PEG manager with various issues related to the move of PEG into the Amazon compute cloud; performs tedious, but necessary, work related to standardizing historical postings, generates shell scripts, tests procmail, smartlist recipes, mhonarc and html templating, etc.
Skills required include linux shell scripting, procmail recipes, html and xml processing, linux system administration, Amazon EC2 and S3 management, web management, sendmail optimization.

PEG Public Forums

These forums serve the Progress Community Public Interest


Announcements considered of interest to the community.




This is for discussion of the FreeFrameWork Open Source Webspeed development toolkit / environment


Discussion forum for officers of PROGRESS User Groups.




This list is for discussions related to the Proparse Progress 4GL parser.

Proparse Home Page

Contractors List

PEG members who are contractors post their availability here.

Folks in the habit of hiring contractors should subscribe to this list.

Jobs List

PEG Jobs Page

PROGRESS Related Jobs - This is the place to post your jobs. It is a violation of the rules to send a job posting to any of the other PEG forums. It is a violation of the rules to post your resume or to advertise the availability of yourself or anyone else to any of the forums.


Turns out lots of PEGGERS are really into cooking.

ABHack Forum

According to the author:

I just released the best ever hack made in 4GL/ABL. It is available on PSDN under "Code Share", at Document link: "

This guy can spy the activity in a source-code procedure editor to pop up auto-completion lists, for local or global variables, attributes/methods, buffers, temp-table, table and their fields names.

ABHack is a kind of demon 4GL procedure to run with the PERSISTENT option in a development session. Its strongest points are:

  1. It does not require any recompilation of the Application Development Environment (AppBuilder, Procedure Editor...). One just need to launch it, ideal for a consultant on site.
  2. It is made in pure 4GL (very few simple win32 API's, and a few PSTimers)
  3. Source code is given
  4. No need to pre-tag a database schema. Everything is found on the fly
Conversion Forum

Golden Code Development's Progress 4GL to Java Conversion Service

Discussions relating to the conversion of Progress 4GL code into Java and other languages, including refactoring from Progress 4GL to ABL / Progress 4GL.

PEG Private Forums

These forums are by invitation only.

PEG Advisory Board

PEG Advisory Board discussions are not open to the public.


This forum is by invitation only

Request Invitation


Closed Forums

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