RE: Sub ledger Vs GL Reconciliation - MfgPro eB

From: Leslie Felton

Date: 1 Feb 2005


My experience has been that the reason for the sub-ledger and the GL being
out of balance is related to your business processes and not a failure in
the software.  If properly set up, your sub-ledger should tie to the GL
every period.  That said, there are lots of things that users can do that
will result in an imbalance.  Do you have imbalance in all areas, or is it
in only a specific subledger?

The reconciling reports that I use are as follows:

PO Receipts Account - ties to Purchase Receipts Reports - 5.13.5 and
5.13.10.  The first report is time sensitive, but the second report allows
you to run it as of a specific effectivity date.  
AP Account - ties to the AP Aging as of Effectivity Date.   
AR Account - ties to the AR Aging as of Effectivity Date.  
Inventory Accounts - tie to the Inventory Valuation as of Date Report -
Work In Process Accounts - tie to the Work Order WIP Cost Report - this is
time sensitive.  You will need to halt transactions, post the GL, run the
report, reconcile, and then release transactions to process again.

You can identify the accounts to be reconciled by reviewing the product
lines set up in your system.  If you have product line detail accounts for
sales or inventory or etc, then you need to look at those also as you may
need to run multiple reports by various parameters in order to match your
GL balances by account.

The unfortunate part of this is the history of journal entries in the
ledger - once those entries are made reconciliation becomes even more
difficult.  And it may not be enough to journal the ledger to match the
subledger reports.  You will also want to verify that all accounts assigned
in the product line are proper for their purpose.  Verify that users are
not changing default account assignments in transactions in ways that
result in debit/credit accounts being the same.  Currency differences
should be addressed with exchange rates

Hopefully this is helpful in giving you a place to start.  Because this can
be a difficult situation to sort out, you may want to look for some
consulting help to get it sorted out.  Good luck to you,

Leslie Felton

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> From: Papaiah, Vani \(GE Healthcare, non-ge\) <afb73af1-b87f-e4b4-de11-e204b477c173>
> To: <>
> Date: 2/1/2005 5:50:39 AM
> Subject: Sub ledger Vs GL Reconciliation - MfgPro eB
> Hi All,
>    Can anyone guide/assist me with the procedure/steps to reconcile the
Sub ledger vs. GL?? we are using Mfg/Pro eB on Windows. 
> Its been observed that there is always a disconnect between Sub ledger/GL
, every month its been adjusted using manual JL's. But this month the
difference is real huge.(subledger is more than the GL) 
> We have multi currencies env. with the 2 different entities. (AUS & NZL)
> I look forward for your assistance/comments, thank you very much in
advance for your kind assistance.
> Thanks & regards,
> Vani 
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